Contact your local Area Controller for the North West of England, Carl Davies (Phone: 0151 284 5999), the Local County Controller for Greater Manchester, Arnold Sampson (Phone: 01204 882545) or the other main web site www.itcanhelp.org.uk, for some help from a volunteer. If you don't know if a Network Panel is operating at present in your area, contact the Project Leader by either of the two addresses supplied at the bottom of this page, for the very latest information.

Obviously volunteers will not have the experience of all makes of computer, or software packages. This is where the county controller can help by selecting a volunteer who has the nearest background to the problem you are experiencing.

But please don't expect miracles on hardware or software packages that have long gone out of regular use. It might be a case of the volunteer needing to learn some new software before he or she can start to solve the problem posed.

This service is for people with disabilities and is totally free of charge, apart from the price of a cup of tea, maybe, to keep the volunteer going!

If you would like to know more about the work of I.T.-CAN-HELP contact:

P.O. BOX 6163
RG23 7PB

or by EMail: kenstoner@itcanhelp.demon.co.uk IMAGE: IT-Can-Help Button, Copy it to your site for a link

The Network cannot fund the supply of hardware or software from its own resources, but can give sources to which clients can apply for financial help.